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Groundwater Survey

Ground water survey is conducted by Hydrogeological and Electrical resistivity scientific method of survey by Hydrogeologist.
As soon receiving phone call fix a mutual convenient time to the customer. Conducting a Ground water survey by Hydrogeoloical and Electrical resistivity instrument method in the place/field.
Selection of location based on the scientific method of survey and suggest a location for borewell and sumit areport about the location for Borewell / Openwell to tab water for use.

Drilling Contractor

Our company is recognized as a leading Borewell cleaning solutions provider in Chennai. The frontrunner Borewell Drilling cleaning contractor offers its services at very cost effective prices round the clock to meet complete customer convenience. Tests conducting while cleaning. Physical examinations: Color, odor, turbidity and electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids and suspended solids. Chemical examinations: PH, alkalinity, hardness, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, phosphate, silica, BOD, COD, TKN, oil & grease, aluminum, chromium, arsenic and free chlorine.

Rotary and DTH: (Down the Hole Hammer) is perfect for highly compact sedimentary strata consisting of clay, compact clay, limestone, sandstone and common Gondowana sedimentary rocks up to a dept of 1300 ft. DTH drilling is adopted for drilling through weathered medium and massive hard rock formation rapidly up to 500ft.

Yield Test

Flushing and Cleaning of Bore wells with Air Compressors
Existing Bore wells both active and defunct can be revived / rejuvenated by using high pressure air compressors and also by chemical treatment to the pores and slots of Bore wells.
Selection Supply and Installation of Pump
We offer the facility for selecting suitable pumping equipment based on the hydraulic particularly derived by conducting yield test to save power and to give optimum efficiency of the system.

Hydrogeological Survey

Hydrogeological assessments can be undertaken on a number of levels and are usually a minimum requirement if an abstraction licence is required. If the drilling conditions or hydrology of the area are more complex additional surveys may need to be undertaken, two of the most Common are Indicated Below: Basic desktop survey(to include but not limited to) Full Hydrogeological assessment(to include but not limited to)
There are two main ways of going about this, they are; undertaking a hydrogeological assessment or a borehole prognosis and water divining or dowsing.
Groundwater flow Equation: The groundwater flow equation, in its most general form, describes the movement of groundwater in a porous medium (aquifers and aquitards). It is known in mathematics as the diffusion equation, and has many analogs in other fields. Many solutions for groundwater flow problems were borrowed or adapted from existing heat transfer solutions.

De-watering Groundwater

De-watering Systems are essential in modern construction sites where deep foundations have to be laid and the water table is high. These systems ensure that the construction begins on a solid foundation. We use the Wellpoint System which is an advanced system that is far superior to the old steel system. It is highly efficient and has a successful track record as the most satisfactory method of eliminating problem sub-surface water from construction sites besides lowering the on-site water table to a grade below the level of proposed excavation.
Our team of qualified engineers and site personnel who have been trained to handle de-watering projects and have many years of experience. This is a service industry and Dewatering has strong support team to assist customers with planning, engineering, execution, handling problems or unexpected conditions. They can rely on them for any support at any time. The equipment is available for sale and also on a rental basis. We also undertake dewatering services contracts on a turnkey basis for large jobs.

Rainwater Harvesting

RAINWATER HARVESTING is a process involving collection and storage of rain water (with the help of artificially designed system) that runs off natural or man-made catchment areas e.g. roof top, compounds, rock surface or hill slopes or artificially repaired impervious/semi-pervious land surface.